Clean, Cost-Competitive & Reliable Energy
For the World's Most Demanding Energy Consumers

What is a Smart Energy Co-Op (SECO)?

TimberRock Advanced Energy forms and operates Smart Energy Co-Ops that deliver clean, cost-competitive & reliable energy to the world’s most demanding energy consumers.

A Smart Energy Co-Op (SECO) is a specialty energy company established to supply electricity, natural gas and additional, demand-side energy services to a company or community of energy consumers - called Members - that require differentiated energy solutions to accomplish their mission or achieve their policy objectives.

A SECO serves as a captive energy company to its Members providing tailored, exclusive energy services that result in cleaner, more reliable energy and smaller energy bills.


Who's a fit for a Smart Energy Co-Op?

SECOs are a fit for companies, institutions or a community of consumers who need their energy spend to reflect their values and who need to achieve renewable and clean energy targets through the most economic and adaptable means possible.

48% of the Fortune 500 and many of the largest municipalities and institutions in the U.S. have established renewable energy (RE) or green-house gas (GHG) emission reduction goals.

These entities are large enough to require their own captive energy company exclusively focused on meeting their unique energy needs. SECOs were created to serve this role.

SECO in Action

Bar-T Diagram

The above infographic shows the suite of energy solutions as delivered to Bar-T who served as the Founding Member of the Frederick County Smart Energy Co-Op

Interested in looking under the hood at the technology that TimberRock uses to power a Smart Energy Co-Op?

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Strength in Numbers

SECOs are anchored by a Founding Member - such as a Fortune 500 company - and Membership can be extended to their larger ecosystem of suppliers, stakeholders and even customers. This is a win-win. Smaller suppliers, stakeholders or customers gain access to lower cost energy due to scale. Founding Members gain the benefit of helping their partners control their energy costs while also enabling the reduction of greenhouse gases across their entire value-chain.

What's the Process for Forming a SECO?

First, all Member energy customers will be Aggregated. With volume comes lower prices due to scale.

Second, the energy being supplied to the SECO Members is Digitized, exposing its Energy DNA™ and carbon content. This tracking and measurement allows data-driven decision-making regarding how to reduce the carbon-intensity of energy as cost-effectively as possible.

Finally, Optimization is the process by which dirtier elements of the Energy DNA™ are replaced with cleaner elements. This can also include deployment of Distributed Energy Resources - like EV chargers, batteries and smart energy management systems - that reduce energy consumption. Optimization addresses both supply and demand providing the benefits of both cleaner energy and the potential for smaller energy bills.


REH-FLEX Introduction

REH-FLEX™ Introduction

CEO Brent Hollenbeck provides an introduction to REH-FLEX™

TR + GM Overview

TimberRock + General Motors

GM & TR develop blueprint for Solar / EV / Storage Infrastructure of the Future

Energi Asset Upgrade Program

Energi AUP

TimberRock has partnered with Energi to provide Asset Upgrade Programs

Smart Energy Co-Op (SECO) Introduction

SECO Launch

CEO Brent Hollenbeck provides an introduction to what a Smart Energy Co-Op offers

CEC Ultimate Resiliency Plan

Ultimate Resiliency Plan

CEC panelists discuss microgrids
PART: I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX

PV America 2014 Project of Distinction Award

2014 Project of Distinction

TimberRock, GM, OnStar honored with 2014 Project of Distinction Award

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news & events


  • TRAE Press Release - February 28th, 2018
    TimberRock Leverages Blockchain To Add Carbon Tracking To Its Award-Winning DE-MAP Software Platform. Energy DNA™ Key To Cleaner Energy For Fortune 500 Energy Consumers.

  • 2017

  • SECO Press Release - March 16th, 2017
    Smart Energy Co-Op (SECO) adds GridPoint’s Solution to Services Offering.

  • 2016

  • October 18th, 2016


    TimberRock Energy Solutions is proud to announce the launch of the REH-FLEX™ Energy Storage Platform.

  • October 14th, 2016
    BloomBars, an award-winning community art and music space, will harness the power of the sun to power its building on 11th Street, NW. BloomBars strives to create a safe, creative, green space inside their building. Solar will reduce BloomBar’s overall costs, and allow BloomBars to use the saving to provide even more programs for the community.

    BloomBars partnered with USPV – a TimberRock Company – who developed a unique financing structure that resulted in BloomBars receiving a 7.8kw solar installation and free power at no cost to the organization. “Community non-profits are often unable to deploy solar as they’re projects are too small to attract financing due to complexities arising from tax credits”, said USPV President Fred Ugast. “Our unique flexibility allowed us to structure a power purchase agreement that worked for BloomBar and which we believe can work for other similarly sized non-profits.”

    Other partners include local company’s RA Solar, a veteran owned installer, and Alpha Solar Group, a woman owned solar consulting firm. BloomBars will be solar ready by 2017!

    For more information on how your home or business can go solar, please contact Shelley Cohen at

  • October 6th, 2016

    Solar Power International

    CEO Brent Hollenbeck heads a panel at Solar Panel International for the "Convergence of Solar, EV & Energy Storage".

about us

TimberRock Advanced Energy is a next generation energy services company, that forms and operates Smart Energy Co-Ops (SECOs). SECOs serve as captive energy companies for large energy consumers providing clean, competitively-priced and more reliable energy. An award-winning company and industry leader, TimberRock’s commitment to economically and environmentally sustainable delivery of electric energy has been widely recognized in leading business and professional publications. TimberRock’s ground breaking work with GM’s On-Star and EVs for grid balancing has been recognized by Forbes, and Navigant Research has highlighted TimberRock as a Microgrid Industry Leader. TimberRock is a recipient of the National Sustainability Award, the Energi 2015 Project Energy Innovator Award, PV America’s 2014 Project of Distinction Award, and the Maryland Energy Administration Game Changer Award. The TimberRock management team holds dozens of patents for advanced energy technologies and have deployed energy projects around the world. Headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, TimberRock manages thousands of renewable energy projects. TimberRock has R&D facilities in Orlando, Florida and conducts software development in New York City.

Please contact us to explore whether your company, institution or com-munity could benefit by being served by a Smart Energy Co-Op formed to support your unique energy requirements.

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